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Comic 81 - Page 79
25th Oct 2015, 7:04 PM
Page 79
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Author Notes:
Skweeee edit delete
I don't know when I'll get the next page up but I've already started working on it. (I don't have a buffer)

There are going to be plenty of cameo's on page 80.
User comments:
moizmad edit delete reply
Oh boy, let me get in my 2cents before half the world beats me, wow, he sure showed that guy who's boss eh?
Amalockh1 edit delete reply
I cant wait to see those cameos on the next page :D!
Rd Ashes edit delete reply
Rd Ashes
OMG Skweeee.


What can I say? This is so, so sad.
But the page itself is so well composed.

I'm thinking that Bebber is going to sorrily regret this day… and hopefully that regret will tie into that that knife he just took.

quetzlsacatanango edit delete reply
Some guys have trophy wives, some guys have trophy knives.
Sleeper edit delete reply
ILU Slurms
Unka John edit delete reply
Unka John
Yer a machine skweeee.
Twistedfro edit delete reply
My heart is broken :-( This guy is no joke
ProfEtheric edit delete reply
Oh wow... you keep what you kill, eh?

I knew Bebber was no joke.

I'm not gonna lie, this sequence is kinda cold, man. I just hope that if the time ever comes, I can pull the trigger like this.
lirvilas edit delete reply
Get a grip all you sad-faced fools. It's not like Uncle Donny needs that pig-sticker anymore!
Seabiscuit edit delete reply
Well, it is a rather nice knife...
Bebber has good tase and skills

Damn this was so sad and well done! ;~;

Ohhh, hyped for cameos also~ :D
Matt Knab edit delete reply
Matt Knab
Like any proper adventurer, he immediately loots the corpse.
cattservant edit delete reply
A sign of respect.
chris-tar edit delete reply
I think you are right. It's a nod to Uncle Don.
chris-tar edit delete reply
Or a trophy...
QuietClayton edit delete reply
Thus the spoils of war.
It's sad though..
Stever edit delete reply
Sometimes you just need a particular knife ;D
Miaubol edit delete reply
Knife! Yes, a very nice trophy indeed! or, does he keep it for practical reasons? Probably both .. ;)

Uuhhhh it really hurts seeing Uncle Don like this.. D:

Yay cameos! :D
Clanjack Farlo edit delete reply
Clanjack Farlo
I love how matter-of-factly he states his ownership of the knife. So casual. Murder ain't no big thing.
jolle edit delete reply
And then he nicks his knife. What a bastard!
Sleeper edit delete reply
That's pretty cold. But, waste not want not.
DizzasterJuice edit delete reply
What a bad week this has been. First Uncle Donnie, then Glenn on Walking Dead. :(
shinka edit delete reply
nice work on the POV of these scenes.
great job
chris-tar edit delete reply
Not much love there, but, the bible says that those who live a life of destruction are doomed to be destroyed by it themselves, unless, well, unless you are the undefeated champion who retires early!
Can't wait to see what you have in store for us mortals next!
And, I cannot wait to see how Bebber deals with the United States military!
Centcomm edit delete reply
Why didnt this show on my feed! AK

and I want to see bebber bleed now., Seriously .. I want to see him bleed.

( Sighs )

I wanna rewind! I wanna REWIND! why is it not working!! >_<

Great page btw amazing work!
Songgu Kwon edit delete reply
Songgu Kwon
Damn, that's brutal! Great sequence!
randomNPC edit delete reply
You keep what you kill...
Outlaw edit delete reply
Oh, man...
It still hurts so much to see him lifeless like that.

He's taking a trophy, huh? Makes sense... He's still a bastard though.
dougwarner59 edit delete reply
spoils of war!
iggycrypt edit delete reply
Oh no! I haven't been on for a couple of months and started reading where I left off. I just realized that was Uncle Donny. Ugh. So sad. Poor Donny, Piper, and grandparents.
Memoria Caelestie edit delete reply
Memoria Caelestie
oh gosh, OH gosh noooooooooooo
Proxy170 edit delete reply
Man, we knew it was going to happen but doesn't make it any easier :( That's when you know you've made a good story, Skweeee. When even if your audience thinks something is going to happen and it does, it still gets to the feels :(

Seems like you haven't updated in a while, hope things are ok with you!
Miss-Kennedy edit delete reply
Agaian, a wonderful page! though it makes me shudder...Violent scenes are so realistic.