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Comic 79 - Page 77
24th Aug 2015, 12:21 PM
Page 77
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Author Notes:
Skweeee edit delete
Hello. I apologize for not visiting your comics yet. I will be doing that today.

This was my first attempt at using Photoshop. It took me a long time as I was learning how to use the tools as I went along. I figure that's the best way to learn - as you go. I even did a word balloon with Photoshop.

I will be visiting your comics today. Promise. I usually like to set aside a satisfactory amount of time so that I can read your comics. Think about them, and then leave a meaningful comment. I don't like to be rushed. I like to make sure I am sincere when I write a comment and not sound like I've been rushed.

I have already started on page 78. Page 80 will include cameos of many of you. I'll be using either photo's from one of the forums, or your avatar, or even a combination of each. I'll leave a key to the page in "Piper's Extra Things" page so that you can figure out who is who.

I'm starting my sequential art course on the 8th of Sept. Just a couple of weeks away. I am starting to get a little intimidated. So here's to hoping that being surrounded by talented students will encourage me to improve faster than I normally would.

I'll see you on your comics!!
User comments:
fireydeath edit delete reply
holly, holly, holly mary mother of god, the dynamism on this page, ohhh, yeah. Notice how this comment is not well thought out. I like mine to be representative of my initial reactions to a page
moytime edit delete reply
That bottom panel is breathtaking! What a great angle! It looks like you used some serious reference on that one, especially on Donnie's pose. I'm going to have to go lie down now.
TheD-Wrek edit delete reply
Great action sequences, man. They look amazing!!! Such a tense page. X)
Amalockh1 edit delete reply
Seems like the beginning of an epic fight! :)
zartala edit delete reply
That final panel is... WOW! The composition, the energy, the foreshortening, the everything is amazing! Everything about the page is energetic but the final panel highlights the tension of the scene beautifully. :)
moizmad edit delete reply
Hey, never lead with your neck in a knife fight!
Seabiscuit edit delete reply
Hahaha, once again, this is truly amazing!!:D
First time using photoshop, too? Jesus, Skweee! You really are a wizard superhero!
I'm hyped as heck.:D
Unka John edit delete reply
Unka John
Nicely done! I know how bothersome a first photoshop experience can be.
DizzasterJuice edit delete reply
Somehow I get the bad feeling that Donnie brought a knife to a gun fight.
Songgu Kwon edit delete reply
Songgu Kwon
Bringing a knife to a gunfight is a habit among the extra manly men.
chris-tar edit delete reply
I 2nd that.
chris-tar edit delete reply
I've always wondered what happens when two very highly trained warriors clash. Would it be over quickly? Or would it drag out? One mistake on either one's part could be a catastrophe.
I love the explosive movements and the determined looks in their eyes.
And, what is that odd grip that Uncle Don has on his knife? Does it allow him to maneuver it more easily by keeping it loose like that?
Great update!
chris-tar edit delete reply
Oh. Ooops. I just realized he spun the knife around in his hand! For some reason I didn't notice the speed lines before. Sorry.
shinka edit delete reply
great action and suspence.
Also super nicely done with the hands with many different hard positions
Centcomm edit delete reply
Jaw drops.. stares .. Im taking lessons here in dynamic fights. Also . GOOO DONNY!!! NAIL HIM!
(( Love that move with the knife .. excellent! ))
Rd Ashes edit delete reply
Rd Ashes
Crapper, he's got that knife right at his throat!!!

Wow, that's quite the whirlwind!
Great action scene Skweeee. Well executed!
The last panel needs to be printed out and framed.
HeSerpenty edit delete reply
And so it begins!! I just wanna say.. the faces in this page are amazing!!

I can't wait for mooore!
Matt Knab edit delete reply
Matt Knab
Awesome action! I'm having fun imagining sound effects and the soundtrack! XD
Miaubol edit delete reply
The fight is one. Amazing action :D And that last panel... Who's the faster one? That decides everything O.O
jolle edit delete reply
I don't want either of them to die...
sephirencomics edit delete reply
Amazing action scenes!
randomNPC edit delete reply
Wow! I love the photoshop touch on this page! You are so amazing Skweeee!
Domship edit delete reply
OH MY GOD! IT'S THE MOMENT! Man this is intense and amazingly drawn. One of your best pages for sure.

I want them to fight to the death but, oh god, I don't want either of them to die.
Clanjack Farlo edit delete reply
Clanjack Farlo
Jeez, could you possibly make this any more epic???
I got a feelin' that Bebber isn't going to go down that easy! That final panel is AWESOME!
Twistedfro edit delete reply
I'm holding my breath...gasp!
L. Cardenas edit delete reply
*elongated whistle*

So fluid yet so crisp. The action here is very well drawn.
Outlaw edit delete reply
I love how sharp, focused, and crazy fluid everything is. These two are so damn beast, I can see it going down so many different ways.

Can't wait to see what happens next.
dougwarner59 edit delete reply
Wow! that was F**ing cool. Really love your style! You make the perfect comic.
IllustratorMan edit delete reply
SKWEEEE your art has taken on a life of its own. Page looks so powerful!
Stever edit delete reply
Hey Skweeee, looks like you took some time off as well. Great looking page, as always. I'm back with some new Cork and Blotto. Cheers!
iggycrypt edit delete reply
Great sense of motion on this page!