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20th Apr 2015, 6:21 AM
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Author Notes:
Skweeee edit delete

Here is page 71.

I have some amazing news to share!! A few days ago I was given one of the nicest surprises I have ever received. I few of my Comic Fury friends got together under the leadership f Xibalbansleeper, got together and made a comic about my favorite topic... ME!

Yep, you read that right! A comic about me! You have to check it out!! Skweeee of Canada.

I suspect that I will never be able to convey my thanks effectively enough to the kind artists who worked on this. This means a lot to me. More than anyone could ever know. Since I can't give everyone a hug, so I'll do the next best thing and have these kind people show up in cameos in Piper's Song. It's all I can do for know.

Perhaps in my retirement, when I'm traveling around I'll stop by and visit these beautiful folks, so that I can thank them properly IRL.

As for me I've been running silent for the past little bit, due to another little bout of insomnia. Plus, I've upped my physical fitness regime, and started watching the food I eat a bit more attentively, in order to help combat it. Everything is good now.

I can get quite disinterested in things in general when I'm that tired. I tend to just watch TV. Not grumpy or sad or anything, just not there when it comes to working on projects and things.

So, watch for page 78 and 79 of Piper's Song. There will be some cameo's of you guys in there. I'll be combing the threads looking for 'pictures of you', or I will use your avatar.

What will you do if you find your self within a few meters of Piper and Robin?

I also got an awesome fan art from Iggycrypt! Iggy's inking and colouring are strong and beautiful. check out his comics too. Iggy's Place.

Thank you again everyone! My sincerest thanks.

Skweeee (AKA Pierre)
User comments:
Stever edit delete reply
Yes, just a comms problem XD

I heard about the comic based on you yesterday. After reading it I've got to say that they did a great job. I especially love that cover, 'cause I'm a sucker for cover art.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hey Stever!

I know, that cover is just amazing!!!
Seabiscuit edit delete reply
Heheheh! I'm so glad you liked the Skweeeeprise! I felt legit awful I didn't have the time to get in on doing a page for it (and probably still won't in the future ;~;), I ended up drawing a fanart for it...And Sleeper ended up putting it as the thumbnail, hahah.:D
You were hard to draw! I wasn't sure what to do with the hair!
Did Sleeper tell you about the "traps" that were set for you? His favorite sports team and my favorite breakfast chain thread were all to find your favorite stuff. Mwahahahaha! I felt like a hitman trying to find out more about my target. It was so much fun watching Sleeper plan all this out initially! I think you'll like where it's going.>:D

Sorry to hear about your insomnia! I'm glad everything is better now though!

This page...OOhhhhhh! Uncle Donny is gearing up! Excellent! That green/teal lighting in the first panel is beautiful.:D
Ohhh gosh I really can't wait to see how this goes down!
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hi Seabiscuit!

I'm so grateful for all of this. You a definitely very skilled hit person, cause I had no ephin' clue!

Uncle Donnie is going to show what he's really made of soon. I know you are going to love where this story is going!!!
randomNPC edit delete reply
Donnie's getting ready for action!

I have read that amazing comic! They did a an awesome job of telling your accomplishments while you're on leave in CF in comic form :)

That fanart is awesome :D
Skweeee edit delete reply
Ha ha ha! Thanks Random NPC!!

They did such a great job. That's some amazing leadership and teamwork in action!!

Iggy's fan art is incredible! I really love his colouring and inking!
ChilPhil edit delete reply
In the second panel, for a few seconds I thought her mix tape included a song singing "Tango-Three, this three; radio check, over..." and thought it was odd but then realized my mistake :)

The Skweeee of Canada comic about you is awesome! They big a great job.

Nice to hear you're getting past your insomnia. I've had it before and it stinks. Makes me feel like a zombie.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hi Phil!

Yeah, I should have made it just a little clearer what was going on there. Plus, I may have over done it with my knowledge of radio procedure...

Thanks. It comes and goes. When it comes it sucks. It makes everything dull.
Call Me Tom edit delete reply
Call Me Tom
Awesome page!
Amalockh1 edit delete reply
Agreed! :D
Skweeee edit delete reply
Thank you Amalock1!
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hello Tom! Thank you!
ProfEtheric edit delete reply
Ooh... SOMEBODY messed up! GOOD! >:)

And about the fan comic: I can't speak for everyone, but it was my genuine pleasure to work on it (I'm so going back at some point to clean up part of my page...). :)

And insomnia is a way of life for me, so I feel your pain... Glad you're getting over it!
Skweeee edit delete reply
Yeah. For serious soldiers, sentry is a sacred duty. Never ever fall asleep when it's your turn to watch over your comrades.

Thanks for your contribution to the Surprise Comic! The expression on the bear's face is classic.

I know, it sucks man.
IllustratorMan edit delete reply
I certainly hope the safety is dropped on that hammer. I get he wants to be on the ready but one wrong twitch could leave him with no ass. :D

SKWEEEE you always blow me away with your pages, man. Beautiful work once again.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hey IllustratorMan! The pistol that Donnie is using has a 'slide lock', similar to the browning 9mm. It wont fire until Donnie disengages it with his thumb on the draw. He'll get his first round off without having to cock the pistol.

Thank you very much! That means a lot to me.
Outlaw edit delete reply
So, on a scale of 1 to 10... Wanna guess how stoked I am to see Donald get to business?

The answer is 100. Yes. ONE ZERO ZERO.
Skweeee edit delete reply
I shall be happy to oblige you. Donnie's got skills. and he's going to use them very soon!!
Amalockh1 edit delete reply
Now you have a comic based on you, Skweeee :)! Just like Chuck Norris!:
Skweeee edit delete reply
I couldn't imagine being any more fortunate than I am right now! It's awesome!!
DizzasterJuice edit delete reply
I knew Uncle Donnie was gonna go badass on us.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Oh yes! It's going to be a showdown of badasses!!!
moizmad edit delete reply
As I said elsewhere, I'm not speaking to anyone from Alberta until the Canucks polish off the Flames! So there!!
sigpig edit delete reply
Sorry about your luck, Mo...
Ninabird edit delete reply
LOL. Sleeping: a great hazard of guard duty.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Yep. Though, when it's your enemy who's falling asleep, it's quite convenient.
Centcomm edit delete reply
I really really like this page the last half of it speaks volumes..
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hi Centcomm! Ah thanks, I'm glad you appreciate the affect that I was going for.
chris-tar edit delete reply
I've volunteered to do a page for the Skweee of Canada project. Everyone here at comicfury loves you. You are an awesome guy.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Thank you very much for your kind words Chris-tar. I'm getting the sense that I am very fortunate in discovering CF and making the friends here that I have.
inky edit delete reply
I'm so glad you enjoyed the Skweeeeprise! You're one of our favourite topics too! (Not in a creepy way. You're just really awesome)

Also yesss things are getting really intense here. In some weird way, I'm kinda sad for all the people going after Piper. This was supposed to be an easy mission! But of course I'm rooting for Piper. Let's hope her luck continues.

Anyway, I hope you feel better!!
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hi Inky!! Thank you sooooo much!

Thanks for visiting my little comic here too! I'm glad that you're into the story!!!

Thanks Inky, I'm feeling super!
Sleeper edit delete reply
Here we go. Donnie is about to engage his badass mode.

Keeping that operation a secret was so much harder than expected. I can't believe how fast the sign up page is filling in. We're going to have at least two more scenes by early June!

Re: Insomnia.
The struggle is real. I'm familiar with that one. Way too familiar.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Ha ha! Badass mode: engage!

Thanks again man! You can't believe how fast your project came together... I'm gobsmacked that this actually exists!!! My head is figuratively swelling with ego right now. I am still wrapping my head all around this, and thinking about it all the time.

Yep. It infects everything.
Miaubol edit delete reply
He he, I see Donnie is preparing well.. ;)

And yes, the Skweeee of Canada idea is so awesome. :D

Uuugh insomnia can be such a pain, I know too well, it's totally zombie around the clock. D:
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hi Miaubol!

It's time to cheer Uncle Donnie on. He's got an uphill battle ahead.

XibalbanSleeper is an awesome person! I will never be able to thank everyone to my satisfaction.

Yeah, especially when you are actually tired of being tired, if you know what I mean.
Matt Knab edit delete reply
Matt Knab
Oh Tango-Three, that silly knucklehead...
Skweeee edit delete reply
Tango-three, you had one job!
shinka edit delete reply
nice page!

hmmmm ready and loaded!
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hi Shinka! Thanks man.
Twistedfro edit delete reply
Love the set up....things are about to get serious!! Great page. :-) and yay to comics based on the awesomeness of you :-)
Skweeee edit delete reply
Twistedfro, thank you very much! I'm glad that you are enjoying the set up. It's nice reading that from someone whom I know love weaving a comic story together as much as I do.

I know, right. I'm hoping that I can articulate my gratitude properly!!!
Songgu Kwon edit delete reply
Songgu Kwon
Uh oh. Somebody's expecting some trouble. And awesome tribute comic! Skweeee of Canada... the Chuck Norris of the North!
Skweeee edit delete reply
Yup. Expect the worst, hope for the best.

Ha ha ha!! Chuck Norris.... those are some big cowboy boots to fill!
QuietClayton edit delete reply
Thats a beautiful page all around.
It makes me wonder though if he will shoot himself in the butt with a cocked pistol sticking back there...
Skweeee edit delete reply
Thanks Clayton!

His pistol has the slide-lock engaged. Effectively locking the slide in a position where the trigger can't move and even if the seer were broken, the hammer would not 'meet' the firing pin.

I'm very pleased that people have noticed the position of the hammer!!!
demcleod edit delete reply
Donnie looks even cooler than Bebber. That's a rare feat. :D
Skweeee edit delete reply
I know right!!!?????
lirvilas edit delete reply
Man, I hope when you say "visit" you don't mean like what Donny's getting ready to do... this is why I don't post in that "Pictures of You" thread! :)

Also, nice work with the "lit by the dash" effects in the first panel.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Ha ha, I don't mean 'visit' in "The Godfather" sense either. I mean, like take everyone out for steak dinner and booooooze, or something to that affect.

Ah thanks man! That's my favorite panel on the page.
TheD-Wrek edit delete reply
Business is about to pick up! :O
Skweeee edit delete reply
You got that right D!

We all know what kind of business too!!
jolle edit delete reply
If the rest of the bad guys are as "professional " as tango three, I don't think Donnie is going to have much of problems with them. Then again, there's Bebber...
Skweeee edit delete reply
Ha ha. Poor old Tango three is probably going to have to do a lot of explaining.
Spelledeg edit delete reply
Oh man. There's so much going on here, Skweeee! I love how well you've put all of this together on one page. We've got the big military intervention, the trip to the comic store, Donnie's plan, Lili's plan, Bebber...all for Saturday. Hopefully the military thugboys remain dubious about Piper's actual whereabouts.

It looks like that Bebber-Donnie showdown is gonna be a thing. I'M SO EXCITED! :D
Skweeee edit delete reply
Ah! Thank you Spelledeg. I hope that when these threads of the story meet, it wont disappoint. I've had this planned out for years.
moytime edit delete reply
Awesome page, especially the last panel. Your comic is chock-full of badasses!

Skweeee edit delete reply
Thanks Moytime! I'm happy you like it. The badasses are a result of the little boy within me, who still likes the old style stories I read as a kid.
Rd Ashes edit delete reply
Rd Ashes
Don = badass
I just LOVE that you're making him a force to be reckoned with!
Can't wait to see him kick some butt.
I'll be cheering him on in the pages to come.

Skweeee edit delete reply
Hi Ash!!!!

Ah! I'm really happy that you like how Don is. I'm actually nervous about the pages to come. After all of this dragged out build up, I don't want to disappoint.
zartala edit delete reply
Luck is on their side! I'm really interested in where everything is heading. :)
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hello Zartala!!!

Yes! I love controlling every aspect of a story. Though that can make something like portraying luck look "too" convenient. Hopefully it just seems like dumb luck in this case. I'm happy that you are enjoying it!!
Proxy170 edit delete reply
That comic about you is awesome, what a cool thing for so many artists to come together and do!

That last panel by the way looks so natural. Really well done!
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hey Proxy!!

I am soooooo fortunate! This is truly the best community I've ever experienced on the internet!

iggycrypt edit delete reply
Haha! I love it! That guy had one job and he fell asleep!! Wonderful!

I'm so glad you liked the fanart!

Now, I'm glad someone finally made a Skweeee of Canada comic so I can learn more about you. For instance, I didn't know that you caught salmon with your teeth and could fight off bears. All in addition to writing a superb comic. You are quite the Renaissance man, my friend.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hi Iggy!

Thank you very much my friend. I love it!
dougwarner59 edit delete reply
this comic gets cooler and cooler
CACKLE.N.COMICS edit delete reply
its about to go down. fo sure
Skweeee edit delete reply
Oh! It's goin down all right!
Memoria Caelestie edit delete reply
Memoria Caelestie
I get the impression that isn't going to end well...