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Comic 68 - Page 67
21st Mar 2015, 3:25 PM
Page 67
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User comments:
Seabiscuit edit delete reply
"my friend"
Yeah, sure.:(

Love the ravey colors on Bebber!
Hmm, will Bebber get his ass kicked before coming near Piper, I wonder? Then also this whole Saturday deal feels like the perfect storm...!

Ahhh, Bebber noo! But uncle Don...Augh!!

Man, Pipers home looks so nice and peaceful. And uncle Don being among the windy grass is so....So lovely.:D
Amalockh1 edit delete reply
I agree, I would love to live in a house like that! :)
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hey Amalockh1, I love the homeyness of it too. Though my preferred domicile would be a downtown loft apartment.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Ah, When someone, is your friend, you'll know it. If they are your enemy and the plot in secret, you wont know it.

Thanks! What's nice is that the 'ravey' panels were the easiest to colour.

I think Piper's home represents the acreage life I would like to have from time to time.

Thank you Seabiscuit.

Sleeper edit delete reply
Bebber seems... more aware than Terry might prefer.

Looks like Saturday is gonna be a big day.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hello Xib!

We'll find out how much Bebber knows when the time is right.

Yep, "Month of May is a violent thing"
randomNPC edit delete reply
Yes! Their showdown is now declared! I'm excited! :D
Love those light effects you used :)
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hi RandomNPC!!!

I'm glad you're excited about the coming events of Saturday.

Thanks. For lighting and colouring I've been watching Youtube tutorials on comic making to help me learn.
IllustratorMan edit delete reply
Well...bring on Saturday, SKWEEEE.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Yep. Saturday is coming....
chris-tar edit delete reply
Things are about to get ugly.
Life and death are like inescapable opposing forces on the same coin: you can't have one without the other I guess.
I hate death. Death is cruel.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hello Christar.

I actually think life can be crueler. Death is neither good nor bad. It is the final entropy of your existence.
chris-tar edit delete reply
Fascinating point of view and an excellent point.
Once could say your suffering is finally over.
Spelledeg edit delete reply
Oh man, I love Bebber's expression in panel 5 there. That's a steely gaze if I've ever seen one. I think Bebber knows something unusual is up with the job...

I'm curious if Piper is going to end up missing the 'main event' due to her hangout with Robin on Saturday. Oh gosh that would be awful to come back to...between that and those Eagle guys...oh dang.

I really love the colors and shot of Piper's house on this page! :)
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hello Spelledeg!!!!
Thank you, I'm glad you like panel 5. I wonder what, and how much Bebber knows... hmmmmm?

Piper missing the main event? Perhaps consider that every player now has a plan, that is likely to be thwarted by an unexpected activity of another party, as the main event?

Thanks. As you know, I am quite the fan of the 3/4 birds eye view.
Spelledeg edit delete reply
Hmmm bad wording on my part - I meant the house event. If Piper was out then...well other things would ensue.
You are right though I hadn't considered that everyone has a plan piece now. O: I'm looking forward to seeing how it all converges!
Skweeee edit delete reply

I really, really, really, hope you like it Spelledeg!
shinka edit delete reply
really like how you play with darkness.
cool work
Skweeee edit delete reply
Thanks Shinka!

I'm glad you like it. I'm still experimenting with it.
ProfEtheric edit delete reply
So... Piper's gonna be conveniently out of the area on SATURDAY, which is when Bebber is supposed to do his thing.

If this is going where I think you're taking it... well... you magnificent bastard...

(Also, I'm quietly taking notes on some of your panel composition here. Your craft is master-level, Skweeee. This is how it's done.)
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hi Prof.

Ooo! Thank you very very much on the compliments man! I play this out like a movie in my head. That is quite simply how I see the panels appear before I draw them.

Please PM me what your theory is on how this part of Piper's Song is going to unfold.
DizzasterJuice edit delete reply
Piper will be safe for now since she's not going to be there, now all we need is Uncle Donnie to save the day.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Yep. Piper being away is definitely another wrench into the machine.
HeSerpenty edit delete reply
Omg Squeee! many things:

1. the lighting on those top panels is amazing
2. the build up is REALLY great
3. The suspense is really intense XD

Like... I'm thinkin a story changing event is about to take place. Things are never gonna be the same ever again after this...

All this to say..REALLY great page!
Skweeee edit delete reply
Ah HeSerpenty, Thank you very much!!! You are too kind.

I'm so happy that people are enjoying the direction that I'm taking this.
Ovnuniarchos edit delete reply

It's super effective!

And now, we all know how this is gonna end, no?
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hi, Ovnuniarchos! I automatically heard the sound of Link opening a treasure box in Zelda, when I read your comment!

Thank you very much.
Centcomm edit delete reply
This is .. evil.. poor pepper .. :(

well done though .. well done.. >_<
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hey Centcomm! Thanks very much!

Evil? Yes, it is evil indeed.

*maniacal laugher, rubs hands together*
fireydeath edit delete reply
you'v done a great job of creating tension so far.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Thanks Fireydeath!!!!
iggycrypt edit delete reply
Piper might not be so happy when she comes back from Edmonton and finds her family slaughtered by Bebber.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hello Iggycrypt!

I think that that is a fair assessment.
Ninabird edit delete reply
Oh. Wow. Things are going to go down. :(
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hi Ninabird!!

You are correct, things are going to go down. Just not in the way that everyone in the story has planned it.
Miaubol edit delete reply
Uh-Oh, Saturday...

Also, love the use of light and shadow on Bebber in the top panels.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Yep. Just a Saturday in the month of May.

Thank you Miaubol!
moizmad edit delete reply
I'm not sure Bebber is all that enthused, I mean, is he getting paid for his services? Not only that, but he's got tickets for the Oilers game Saturday against the Canucks!
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hey Mo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He got those tickets off of a corps of course.
Stever edit delete reply
this story is becoming so interesting. Insanely great colors!
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hi Stever!

Thanks man. I'm glad that it appears that I'm making some progress in colours.
CACKLE.N.COMICS edit delete reply
oh .... some serious stuff is going down now...
Skweeee edit delete reply
I try to make the darker moments darker simply by making the the lighter moments as cheery and squeaky clean as I can get away with.