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Comic 61 - Page 60
24th Feb 2015, 2:35 PM
Page 60
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Author Notes:
Skweeee edit delete
In this part of Piper's Song, I hope you will see what I've been trying to do. I've carefully set up everything like lacing a boot. In this part I want to pull the laces and tighten so that the elements of the story converge on each other.

User comments:
lirvilas edit delete reply
Do y'all put one of your dog tags into your laces?

(Which begs the question of which page is the "dog tag"? This one? Yeah yeah, stupid joke.)
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hello Lirvilas!

Nope, just around the neck. I've heard about some Americans doing it though. We just made sure each boot had the owner's name and particulars written on them. That way after an IED you can, you know, figure out who owns what.

page 30 is the "dog tag" page... I think. No wait... definitely page 66.
demcleod edit delete reply
Wow, this cover page is absolutely breathtaking. You're so gifted at this, Skweeee. :-)
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hey Dwayne!!
Ah! Wow! Thank you very much friend.
TheD-Wrek edit delete reply
Beautiful page, man. Beautiful. :)
Amalockh1 edit delete reply
Agreed :)
Skweeee edit delete reply
HI Amalockh1!

Thanks buddy! I enjoy pages like this. It just sets a kind of mood.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hi D!

I admire your work, so that means a lot man!
Seabiscuit edit delete reply
Awww, it's beautiful!!
The dog, Piper, Lily, the bugs...Augh!! Such masterfully done nature. I love that water too.:D

No more snow? Does that mean no more super swag winter coat for Bebber? I loved that coat...;D
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hi there Seabiscuit!!

Ah! Thank you! I'm glad you like it.

Yep, that's it for the snow. 'Bout time too, because I was getting tired of looking at it.

Bebber's a bit of a slob. It wouldn't surprise me if he just wore that coat all the time... we'll see.
Stever edit delete reply
Great cover! it really shows off how great your technique is for doing textures.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hey Stever,

Thank you. I love doing splash pages!!!
moizmad edit delete reply
...the bugs came out to play, ha ha. Unka John will be envious of your bug Skweeeee, should I tell him?
Skweeee edit delete reply
Ah! Mo!!!

What'll Unka John do to me if he finds out????
Ninabird edit delete reply
I want a tail like hers! It's so expressive!
Skweeee edit delete reply
I wouldn't mind a tail that was grabby and I could use to hold things.
ProfEtheric edit delete reply
This is just gorgeous, Skweeee. I truly envy your skill (mayhap one day I won't... but not likely).
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hi Prof. Thank you very much for such a generous compliment. Maybe one day I could churn out cool looking original characters.
Centcomm edit delete reply
Cute piper is being cute :D love this shot .. well done - seriously pro work :D
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hi Centcomm!!

O0000ooooOOOO! Wow! What a compliment! Thank you very much!

Cute, (and sweet) is what I'm going for so... Yay!
QuietClayton edit delete reply
That is one cool rivals your city scenes.
I really like that dirt!
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hey Clayton!!!

You know that I love these kind of pages man!
Miaubol edit delete reply
It's beautiful :D
I wonder what Lili is saying.

Oh yes, I like the 'lacing a boot' idea, getting everything set up, and then... then... :D
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hello Miaubol!
She's probably telling Piper to use the 'force'?

Thank you!
corntown edit delete reply
Love that dog and your detail on the grass. Groovy.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hey! Corntown!

Thanks. I used my own dog as reference for Russel.
corntown edit delete reply
That's pretty awesome.
randomNPC edit delete reply
Wow! amazing imagery! Well done sir!
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hi RandomNPC!
Thank you, I'm glad that you like it!
DizzasterJuice edit delete reply
Nice cover page. Looks like Lili wants to go for a swim down the storm drain but Piper isn't buying it.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hey Dizz!

This page is supposed to represent all kinds of things (hopefully). The passage of time, the type of relationship that has developed between Piper and Lili, and also that the 'training is moving along, etc...
jolle edit delete reply
Yay, the winter has passed!
Skweeee edit delete reply
Terve Jolle!

Yes, as I am pretty much tired of drawing snow. Which is coinciding with my desire to see winter disappear in real life as well.

I was so impatient, that I just jumped ahead a few months.
Spelledeg edit delete reply
Ooo! The peaceful atmosphere on this page/cover is really nice. I really dig how you use blacks to imply greater depth in lineart, that's something I've always found really neat about your work.

I didn't realize there was quite that much of a scale gap between Lili and Piper! Lil could ride a opossum no problem. This is such a sweet page.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hello, hello, Spelledeg!!

Thanks. I continue to try and improve my line-weight with my inking. It is one of those things I want to be better at. That and try to better balance my blacks and whites on a page.
IllustratorMan edit delete reply
Superb splash page!
Skweeee edit delete reply
Thanks IllustratorMan!!!!
Matt Knab edit delete reply
Matt Knab
Awesome splash page! Training time?
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hey Matt!!

Thank you! I didn't want to get too much into the weeds with the training, so I'm hoping to imply that a lot has happened already.
shinka edit delete reply
awesome dog and great super details on grass!
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hello Shinka!

Ah thanks man! I'm glad you like the details.
sephirencomics edit delete reply
Love this page! :D
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hi Sephirencomics!!

Thanks very much!!!
dougwarner59 edit delete reply
beautiful looking and well balanced page; not too much detail, not too little, it's just....well, you know.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hey Doug,
Thanks man! We're always searching for that balance, eh? Some times I can hit it, but I'm afraid it may still be by accident at this stage in the game.
Proxy170 edit delete reply
Awww I love this! Although I'm guessing these upcoming pages won't show nice happy times forever, huh? D:
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hi Proxy!
I would have to say that you are pretty much on point with your guess.
Twistedfro edit delete reply
Awesome page...the calm before the storm :-)
Skweeee edit delete reply

Your intuition on the tone of the story is right on!

You scare me. :D
Lt. Dom edit delete reply
Lt. Dom
Great cover? Splash Page? uh... Cover right? Whatever, It's great! How long did it take to do the grass? It's really detailed! I could see it being kind of a nightmare for me if I tried to attempt it.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Thanks Dom!
It's either/or. Thank you. To do grass like that doesn't really take me that long. I first start of defining the overall area on the page where I want the grass to be. Then, I will start in the grass which is closest to the fourth wall, and then start working my way further and further out. I'm not sure of the length of time specifically for the grass, but I can say this page took me less time than usual because of the overall simplicity of it.
Fig edit delete reply
skweeeee, i don't know what the fuck is wrong with me. i keep forgetting to comment on everyone's work. sigh... seriously, though, this is REALLy nice. you really are the master of the little touches. it grounds your work very nicely.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Ha ha ha! Don't worry man! I know that you are juggling work, life in general, and your comic; Kexx. Comic Fury can be such a time sucker sometimes.
iggycrypt edit delete reply
Awesome page!! I love the details in the grass!
Skweeee edit delete reply
Hi Iggy!

Thanks man!