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Comic 42 - Page 41
19th Oct 2014, 7:28 AM
Page 41
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Author Notes:
Skweeee edit delete
I did the 24 hour comic challenge last weekend. It was lots of fun. The only tough part was that time between 3 am and 5 am. I got all 24 pages done with an hour and a half to spare!
There were 16 of us there and we raised $6000.oo for Boys and Girl's club and Literacy Alberta.

Seabiscuit had suggested that I post my 24 hour comic. Our art was all gathered so it can be published and printed and then the proceeds go to charity. Once I get my art back (a week or two I hope) I will post it as its own comic.

User comments:
Proxy170 edit delete reply
I would agree...certainly Piper's family knows something they're not telling her.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Got some more helpings of exposition on the way!!

Much will be answered once Piper's gift from her Mom takes effect.
Seabiscuit edit delete reply
Wow! Somethin' fishy definitely going on there. It's sad he's in a mental institution, but at least he's not dead. Young(er) Piper is so cute!

(Yes, we needa see dem comics! 6000...Wow, very impressive!)
Skweeee edit delete reply
I promise, Seabiscuit I'll post them. If I get last year's comic I'll post that one too.

I enjoyed drawing Piper as a baby. Making that picture actually cheered me up.
jolle edit delete reply
I wonder how long is this story going to be? I don't mean I'm getting bored of it, not at all, but is this going to be a hundred page long graphic novel or a epic saga of thousands of pages?
Skweeee edit delete reply
Well I'm trying to keep it under 150 pages.
Matt Knab edit delete reply
Matt Knab
Don't try too hard on my account. I wouldn't mind this running longer. :)
Skweeee edit delete reply
I probably can't change how long it's going to end up now if I wanted to.
Reading your comic, I would guess you would already understand how your story can get a life of its own. It's just too fun 'making' the story.
Stever edit delete reply
Congrats on getting through the 24 comic challenge. One of these days I'll try it. It's worth it if the funds go to help the kids. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

This page really gives us a lot of good information towards this mysterious story.
Skweeee edit delete reply
You should do it Stever! Try to find if some venue is hosting the event. Like a local comic store or maybe the library? I don't recommend trying to do it at home. I have a lot of self discipline, but still if I did it at home; the call of my bed would be too powerful.
Plus it's fun cheering each other on, talking about all things Geeky, and eating a bunch of unhealthy snacks.
cattservant edit delete reply
Strange and stranger...
Skweeee edit delete reply
That's kinda where this is going...
moizmad edit delete reply
Just last week I recall seeing the blue man as I staggered home from the bar. He was lurking in a back alley with the Loch Ness Monster!
Skweeee edit delete reply
Now I know you're fibbing. He would only be seen with Sasquatch.
enjmiah edit delete reply
I like where this story is going. Good job Skweeee.

(Also the perspective on that plane is pretty great...!)
Skweeee edit delete reply
Thanks JY. Glad you like it!
demcleod edit delete reply
Wow. Kudos Skweeee on completing the 24 hour challenge. I don't think I could do it personally, but never say never, right?

Piper HAS seen the blue man now. So that means her dad is locked up for no reason... Hmm!
Skweeee edit delete reply
Thanks Dwayne. He's actually not locked up. I'll explain later that he is actually hospitalized with mental health issues. He's not a danger to anyone, he's basically slipped into a vegetative state.
DizzasterJuice edit delete reply
Baby Piper was a cutie.
This story keeps getting curiouser and curiouser.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Baby Piper was my favorite panel on this page.
dougwarner59 edit delete reply
This cryptic story keeps you interested, I am dying to find out her origin.
Skweeee edit delete reply
I promise, I have everything all planned out.
Calisa edit delete reply
I love how mysterious this is!
Skweeee edit delete reply
Ah thank you Kara! One of my inspirations for the way this unfolds it "Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell". I loved the way that novel unfolded.
Lt. Dom edit delete reply
Lt. Dom
ooff. Things are getting really interesting. That drawing of the twin engine is really good. Planes have always been hard for me to draw. You even got the chocks for the wheels! haha so good.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Thanks man. I used a picture I found on Google images as reference for the plane. What's funny is that my computer is behind me when I'm drawing so I had to keep twisting around to look at the photo as I was referring to it.
Fig edit delete reply
one day, we will understand what is going on. this is not that day.

i brace myself for that day with bated breath. lol, i keep forgetting how young Piper is xD i wonder how she and Kally would get along...
Skweeee edit delete reply
Kally and Piper would get along fine. They're both way too easy going to let any disagreements escalate.
shinka edit delete reply
nice page. great colors

always good to keep the intrigue.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Ah thanks man.

Yes. Mystery and intrigue are always good.
Spelledeg edit delete reply
I love how this keeps building! The story is growing more mysterious and I have some theories now, you've done a great job of 'showing' more and not telling(or giving away) much and ahhh. I'm so looking forward to seeing how this series of scenes crescendos. :D
Skweeee edit delete reply
Spelledeg!!! Thank you very much. I am very happy that you have some theories! many things will be revealed soon so I am hoping that you share your theories. Obviously a clever world builder like yourself, likely has some innovative theories in mind.
Centcomm edit delete reply
excellent page! and gratz !
Skweeee edit delete reply
Thank you Centcomm!!!
Outlaw edit delete reply
These kids are dealing with some DEEP stuff over here. I like how mature and thoughtful they are about it.

Great job!
Skweeee edit delete reply
Thanks Outlaw!

My favorite characters in any story are smart. Whether good or evil, they wont be as interesting if their not.

Also, it makes it better when you include a dumb character; it really accentuates their dumbness.
iggycrypt edit delete reply
I hope he can make a Murdock escape!
Skweeee edit delete reply
I guess we'll have to wait and see.
sephirencomics edit delete reply
Congrats! Also, I like how you drew the panels for the flashback.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Sephirencomics, thank you very much. for those panels I was trying to imitate a photo album kind of look.
IllustratorMan edit delete reply
Readers get so much for their proverbial buck with the story and art.

Now I'm curious as to what is being held from Piper.
Skweeee edit delete reply
Thanks friend.

I hope to keep it interesting enough so that one would want to see more.
CACKLE.N.COMICS edit delete reply
Can't wait to see that 24hr comic Mr. Skweee