This is a beautiful portrait of Piper by the very gifted artist Amalockh1.  Check out Amalockh1's comic http://comicfury.com/comicprofile.php?url=armlessamy

Spelledeg surprised me with this amazing painting of Piper.  It's so beautiful!!!

I don't know how she figured out a key moment in the future of Piper's Song


ComicRobJonathan sent me a cool crossover of two of my comics; Clobber and Piper's Song.  Here are Clobber and Piper.



Here is some awesome fanart from Professordethorn  at;  http://scicops.the-comic.org/. 


Here is one by Clanjack Farlo.  His comic is at:   http://comatose.thecomicseries.com/


This is livrilas' intuitive rendering of Piper.

Let It Ride



here is Seabiscuits awesome picture of Bebber!!!

Wastelanders Anonymous



From Amalockh1: http://comicfury.com/profile.php?username=Amalockh1

From Rd Ashes; http://comicfury.com/profile.php?username=Rd+Ashes


Piper byhttp://comicfury.com/profile.php?username=randomNPC



From Centcomm:  http://comicfury.com/profile.php?username=Centcomm



Here is Iggycrypt's fan art of Ammon.